Hutber and Charman Have Left The Building – Residency Residue

Barry Charman and Reynir Hutber finally finished their joint residency at The Greenfields Studio on February 7th after a work-intensive two weeks of creativity, experimentation, research and general gluttony.

Barry developed a number of new written works during his time at the studio, including a diverse range of short stories, poems and script concepts, some of which will likely appear on his blog at over the coming months. He also spent a lot of time working with his camera at the studio (see some of the results below) and helped to make a giant robot for the secret Cindy Sizer and Killavolts gig that took place at The Greenfields Studio at the start of February (more info to come on that soon).

Reynir used his residency to research and begin developing a number of new video works, including this one from his ‘For Life’ series. He also played appeared both on stage at The Greenfields Studio and live on Leipzig’s Radio Blau as one half of electronica duo, Killavolts.

Link: Killavolts on ‘New Kids from the Block’ radio programme – 5.2.2012 – Radio Blau, Leipzig (interview starts at 42:27)

(Thanks to Christin for inviting us)

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Residency photos taken by Barry Charman.

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