Psycho & Plastic To Host Jam Session Special At Greenfields

Current artist residents Psycho & Plastic (a.k.a Thomas Tichai and Alexandre Decoupigny ) will take over The Greenfields Studio’s bi-weekly jam session this Thursday, welcoming local musicians to experiment with them in their temporary recording studio/playpen.Those participating in the session will be welcome to bring any instruments they wish to add to the live improvised cacophany, as well as to try out some of the sound toys, musical devices and retro synthesizers already present at the studio. Session visitors may also be lucky enough to hear a preview of the live set that Psycho & Plastic will be playing at the Baumwollspinnerei this Friday and a hint of the new E.P. the duo are currently recording at The Greenfields.

Greenfields Offene Jam Session mit Psycho & Plastic: Donnerstag 01.03.12 __ 20Uhr bis 23Uhr __ Alle Musiker herzlich willkommen!

In case that wasn’t already enough Psycho & Plastic for you, here are some photos and a video of them hard at work at the studio.

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