Greenfields Crew Live At M.S. Stubnitz And On Subsignal Radio

If you’re anywhere near Rostock you can come check out some of The Greenfields Studio crew jamming live and DJing alongside Hamburg noise meister ‘wotwot’ at the M.S. Stubnitz. The whole gig will also be live streamed online through radio for those of you who can’t make it in person.

More info below.

||| Presents: The Test Upload – Greenfields Studio Vs. Dadacafe

Leipzig’s Greenfields Studio crew (artist/DJs nom4d and You’ve Been Asassenated) come to challenge the sonic forces of Hamburg resident and seasoned circuit bender wotwot (dadacafe) at the legendary battleground of the ancients; the M.S. Stubnitz.

Expect dubstep, techno, footwork, jungle, fluffy breakcore, pink electronic noise, live home-made synthesizers and the platters that splatter, all being dropped like bombs on the Stubnitz dancefloor and simultaneously broadcast online through radio.

22:00 bis 02:00

Eintritt frei



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