Next Greenfields Jam – 19.04.12 – Plus! More Jam Session Audio Online

Our next jam session is on Thursday 19.04.12 at 8pm and will be hosted by our current artist resident Wotwot.
The event is open for all musicians and for those who just want to come and listen to some improvised music.

Greenfields Offene Jam Session:
Donnerstag 19.04.12
Anfang: 20Uhr
Sperrstunde: 23Uhr.
Eintritt: Frei

Instrumenten vor Ort:
* Sythis
* E-Bass
* E-Orgel
* Schlagzeug
– oder bringen noch etwas anderes mit!

For all of you who can’t wait until Thursday for your Greenfields Jam fix, you can listen to some of the best bits of our last jam session here.

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