Greenfields Geräusche Teil 2 – 27.04.12 – Experimental Musik And Klangkunst Live!

On Friday 27.04.12 The Greenfields Studio will host the second part of its Greenfields Geräusche event series, showcasing the work of experimental music, noise, ambient, drone and klangkunst artists.
As part of the Betriebsausflug HH-LE exchange project, two Hamburg based media artists will present performance works at the event:

– Current Greenfields Studio artist resident Wotwot will create a live improvisation based on the new synthesizers and sound toys that he has constructed during his two week stay at the studio.

Lvis Mejía will present the finale performance from his three-part Mingle-Mangle series. Featuring live electronic sound and video, the work reflects on contemporary Leipzig and the lives of a fictional Greenfields Family created by Mejía.

+ sonic support from DJ You’ve Been Asassenated

Greenfields Geräusche Teil 2 – Freitag 27.04.12
Einlass: 20Uhr
Auswerfen: 23:30
Eintritt: Frei/Spende
Bar: Günstig : )

Photo: Wotwot mit bastel synthis.

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