This Week @ The Greenfields – Lvis Mejía Performance Series

The Greenfields is proud to present a three part performance series from Lvis Mejía this week at the studio.
Mexican born multimedia artist Lvis Mejía lives and works in Hamburg and is visiting The Greenfields as part of the Betriebsausflug Hamburg-Leipzig artist exchange project.
Over three days, Lvis will develop a performative installation entitled ‘Mingle-Mangle’. Mingle-Mangle centres around two characters, Uncle Mingle-Mangle and Cousin Audiary, both members of The Greenfields Family. Uncle Mingla-Mangle is a collector of curiosities and found street objects from the area nearby to his home in Leipzig-Lindenau. Cousin Audiary uses sounds to keep a diary of her daily life and of family events. Together they will present their exquisite and ever-growing collections of local documents in their ‘Familienwohnzimmer’ (The Greenfields Studio) from April 25th to 27th.
On each day at 21:00, Lvis Mejía will create a short performance based on the found sounds and objet trouvé of Uncle Mingle-Mangle and Cousin Audiary, finally culminating on Friday April 27th with a longer finale performance using sound and video to reflect on contemporary Leipzig as part of the Greenfields Geräusche Teil #2 event.

Lvis Mejía presents Mingle-Mangle
25.04 bis 27.04
Live Performance jeden Abend @ 21Uhr
Eintritt: Frei/Spende

Check out some of Lvis’ past performance work here.

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