Stubnitz Gig Recordings Online

This week we finally found some time to start going through the huge backlog of recordings we have collected from Greenfields gigs and events over the last few months and get a few online.

First up are these three audio documents from our outing to The M.S. Stubnitz in March for your listening pleasure:

The Test Upload – Greenfields vs. Sublab vs. Dadacafe – Live Electronic Noise Ambient Bastel-Synthi Jam

Wotwot Live In The Mix – a diverse mix of dubstep, jungle and techno DJ’d expertly by our former Greenfields Studio artist resident

DJ You’ve Been Asassenated – Nuts & Noodles #1 – The Greenfields Studio’s resident DJ hits the decks belly up with a collection of records from the outer-limits of future bass.

Foto: Greenfields Crew

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