The Dearly Departed: Christoph Höfferl Leaves The Greenfields After Completing Intensive Residency

Musician and sound artist Christoph Höfferl has finally left The Greenfields Studio after an intensive two-week residency of writing and recording. During his stay, Christoph recorded a vast amount of new material with the help of fellow musicians Benjamin Bordun, Niloy Ghosh and Been Asassenated and worked in total on ten new tracks!
Some audio from the daily jams and recording sessions that took place during Christoph’s stay will be available online soon, but until then here’s some photos from Christoph’s live performance with Benjamin as Irk Yste (for which Franka Sachse and Niloy also did visuals) plus some other images from Christoph’s two weeks of musical merryment at The Greenfields:
(all photos courtesey of Franka Sachse)

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