Hamburg High Life – Greenfields Tour Photos

The Greenfields crew returned back to Leipzig last week after a successful visit to the wonder-stadt Hamburg. Their week-long stay in the Hafen city saw a vast amount of partying, planning and procrastinating, all culminating in a one night programme of music and performances from The Greenfields artists at the 2025 kunst & kultur verein in the western part of the city.

Photo evidence of their antics can be found below.

You can also check out a very short video clip of the collaborative performance from Wotwot, Helgi Mortal Kombat, Niloy Ghosh, Gerda Böhme, Been Asassenated and Ulrike von Gawlowski here.

Thanks to Lvis, Claudia and the rest of their mitbewohner for taking care of us.
Thanks also to Helge for letting us hang out at his pad.
Thanks to the 2025 e.V. Kunst & Kultur Verein, Hamburg for hosting us.
Thanks to Mark, Christine and all the Betriebsausflug people for making the trip possible.
Thanks to Franka for the photos and video.
Thanks to Hamburg for making us feel so welcome.

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