Greenfields Jam Session – Donnerstag 9. August – 20-23Uhr

The next Greenfields Jam Session will take place at The Studio on Thursday August 9th from 8pm to 11pm. Come along to hear some live improvised music or to create some spontaneous noises with us!

In case you can’t make it to the jam session (or in case you need a fix of jammed music RIGHT NOW!), we’ve put some more snippets of recordings from our previous jam sessions here and here – check them out!

Greenfields offene Jam Session:
Donnerstag 09.08.12
Anfang: 20Uhr
Sperrstunde: 23Uhr.
Eintritt: Frei

Instrumente vor Ort:
* Synthis
* E-Bass
* E-Orgel
* Schlagzeug
* Trompete
– oder bringe noch etwas anderes mit!

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