After Party Aftermath – A Report From The First Birthday

Well here we are, three weeks after celebrating our first birthday, having only just managed to clean up from the party and numerous guests, and already another two artist residents are here working away and another exciting month of events lies before us.

The passing of our first year was an important moment to reflect on some of the incredible things that have happened here over the past 12 months and to reconnect with some of the more distant members of our network, who together with our Leipzig regulars have helped build The Greenfields into what it is today. It was also an opportunity to hear some great music, learn some new skills and party!
In addition to stunning performances from Maria Schween, Irk Iste (with visuals from VJ Misses Bird) and Veronique Acoustique, we also welcomed Italian artist Thomas Lindenberg to The Greenfields stage for the first time to celebrate with us by presenting his latest performance work, in which he uses a McDonalds motivational song, empty space and spoken text to make a stark commentary upon contemporary economics. Alongside this, artists Alice White and Marlet Heckhoff installed a large painted mural and small photo exhibition in the studio specially for the birthday extravaganza and numerous other visitors participated spontaneously in our birthday jam session, which rounded off the first night of celebrations. On the following day, the studio played host to a selection of workshops, with members of The Greenfields collective offering teaching sessions in topics as diverse as origami and Sundanese singing.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and visited/participated in marking one year of Greenfields. Let’s make the second year even cooler!

For those of you who somehow didn’t manage to join us for the celebrations, don’t worry! Come visit us soon and we’ll have another cool party 🙂

You can check out some photos from the birthday weekend below and see even more pictures from the festivities online here.
Thanks to Sylvia Doebelt for taking some really awesome pictures.

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