Alisa Beck Presents Ambient Reading Room Situationist Special – Donnerstag 08.11.12 – 19 bis 22Uhr

This Thursday, current Greenfields resident Alisa Beck will host an Ambient Reading Room special at The Greenfields. To accompany her research on performance, space and art history, she will present a carefully selected collection of books on The Situationists and related thinkers for visitors to read and discuss. The books, which come both from The Greenfields Reference Library and from Alisa’s own private collection and which include texts in English, German and French, will be available at the studio from 19:00 until 22:00. To accompany this philosophical foray into the history of radical re-appropriation, DJ You’ve Been Asassenated will play a specially tailored selection of ambient and chilled-out music, focusing particularly on artists who have made sampling and the re-use of everyday sounds a key part of their creative practice. To top it all off, the Greenfields Cafe will be selling top quality teas and coffee, making for a pleasant environment to read, chill or chat.

Alisa Beck Präsentiert: Ambient Reading Room Spezial – Die Situationisten
Bücher + Lesen + Tee + Ambient Musik von DJ You’ve Been Asassenated
Donnerstag 08.11.12
19 bis 22 Uhr
Eintritt: Frei/Spende
Cafe: Günstig

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