Alisa Beck And Otto Hernandez Residency Finale + Live Musik Von Gordon Schwarz – 20Uhr Samstag 10.11.12

On Saturday 10.11.12 current Greenfields artist residents Alisa Beck and Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz will throw open the studio doors one final time to offer the public a glimpse into their private world of works-in-process. Playfully combining spoken words, texts, sounds and images collected or found through their interactions both alone in the studio and with passers-by on the street, the duo will present the curious artefacts and imaginative acts that have sprung from their cooperation during their two-week stay.

In addition to this, Greenfields regular Gordon Schwarz will perform some of his latest explorations into electronic sound live on stage and DJ You’ve Been Asassenated will keep the lounge vibe running til home time with the platters that clatter.

Enter the studio. Listen. Look. Sit and Drift.

Samstag 10.11.12 – 20 bis 23Uhr
Alisa Beck And Otto Hernandez Residenz Finale Präsentation
Plus! Gordon Schwarz Live Elektronik Musik + DJ You’ve Been Asassenated lounge
Eintritt: Frei/Spende

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