Dilettant Dialectic: Greenfields Guest Jam Session At Halle14 – Sonntag 11.11.12 – 17Uhr

The Greenfields Studio has been invited to run a special guest jam session at the Halle 14 gallery project this Sunday November 11th. Situated in the Leipzig Baumwollspinnerei, Halle 14 is currently hosting an exhibition and weekend-long festival on the theme of Dilettantismus. As we here at the Greenfields are dilettantes of the highest calibre, we felt that are own brand of off-hand cultural experimentation would fit the theme of the festival perfectly, and how better to express it than through one of our trademark open-mic jam sessions! We will have our usual selection of instruments on hand and free for everyone to use, including an electric guitar, bass, amplifiers, drums, a trumpet and microphones. Plus everyone is also welcome to bring their own instruments or noise making machines.

So, if you’re free on Sunday evening and would like to make some music with us, or if you’re not a musician but would simply like to hear some great musicians improvising wildly, then join us at Halle 14 from 5pm onwards.


Sonntag 11.11.12 – 17Uhr
Greenfields Guest Jam Session @ Halle 14,
Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Spinnereistr. 7, Leipzig 04179
Alle Musiker und Zuschauer willkommen
Eintritt: Frei

Instrumente vor Ort:
* Guitare
* E-Bass
* Schlagzeug
* Trompete
– oder bringe noch etwas anderes mit!

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