Jam Session – Donnerstag 15.11.12 – 20 bis 23Uhr – Plus! New Jam Photos Online

Tonight The Greenfields Studio will once again host one of its clearly legendary bi-weekly Jam Sessions. If you’re musician come and improvise some sounds of the universe with us. If you’re not a musician, come and tap your feet and click your fingers to the far-out cacophony.

Greenfields Studio Offene Jam Session
Donnesrtag 15.11.12 – 20 bis 23Uhr
Alle Musiker und Zuschauer willkommen
Eintritt: Frei

Instrumente vor Ort:
* Guitare
* E-Bass
* Schlagzeug
* Trompete
– oder bringe noch etwas anderes mit!

Below are a few photos from our last few Jam Sessions. Plus you can find even more Jam Session pics here.

Thanks to Alisa Beck and Sören Zweiniger for the photo skills.

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