The Woman With a Movie Camera: Film Maker Irene Izquierdo Begins Greenfields Residency

Hello and welcome to 2013! After a long pause for Christmas and Silvester, the Greenfields is back in action with our first artist resident of the new year. Working between public space interventions, performance and film making, Spanish born artist Irene Izquierdo’s creative practice broadly focuses on examining social, spacial and behavioural interconnections. As well as being an accomplished painter and videographer in her own right, she is also a member of artists collective The Process Institute and is currently studying at the Film Arche autogestive film school in Berlin.

During her one week stay at The Greenfields, Irene will work on developing her latest experimental video work, a poetic exploration of her homeland in Spain and of the effect one’s home territories have on one’s identity.

You can check out some of Irene’s previous video work here and here.


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