Donnerstag 21.02.13 – 20 bis 23 Uhr – The Greenfields Studio Jam Session

The Greenfields Studio will host its next Jam Session on Thursday 21. Feb between 8 and 11 pm. The event is open to all inventive musicians and lovers of improvised music who wish to participate and is free to get in! Instruments are available at the studio for all to play on a s/he who asks, gets basis, or otherwise bring your own.

Greenfields offene Jam Session:
Donnerstag 21.02.13
Anfang: 20Uhr
Ende: 23Uhr.
Eintritt: Frei

Instrumente vor Ort:
* Synthies
* E-Bass
* E-Orgel
* Schlagzeug
* Trompete
– oder bringt noch etwas anderes mit!

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