Westpaket Weihnachetn Photos And Christmas Karaoke Recordings Online

As it began to snow heavily again in Leipzig yesterday, it seemed like the right moment to review our fun day out in the cold at the Winter Westpaket back in December and share some of the things we collected there.

From the late morning til the early evening on December 8th 2012, we offered passers by at the Plagwitz Westpaket free hot drinks in our purpose built Greenfields street lounge and invited them to join us in our Christmas workshop grotto or simply to hang out with us in our little cafe area and listen to our resident DJ Mela Merle. Over the day a few hundred people passed by the lounge and took a peek in to see what we were up to. Numerous people tried out our Winter Wunderland photo studio and Christmas Carol Remix Karaoke, the results of which you can see/hear below, and many others came simply to sit and chat with us by our open fire.
We ended our day of festivities with a live jam session on the street and a last round of Glühwein for all those hardcore enough to survive the chilly weather.

Thanks to everyone who came and said hello to us and participated in making the lounge a nice space. In particular thanks go to Caro, Sylvia, Niloy, Alexander, Marlet, Felix and The Underground Music Service, without whom the lounge would not have happened.

All photos were taken by Sylvia Doebelt.

You can find even more Westpaket photos on our Flickr account here.

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