Die Rückkehr des Königs: Synth-King WotWot Returns To The Greenfields For Second Residency

The Greenfields is very pleased to welcome sound artist, DIY synthesist and handmade electronic music expert WotWot back to the studio as our new artist in residence. Some of you may recall WotWot’s previous adventures at the studio last year during his first residency visit, but for those of you who have not yet experienced his homemade klangspielzeuge, you’re in for a treat of  bleeps, bass and white noise!

During his one week visit, WotWot will be keeping busy, with appearances at three events: he will be playing live at Sublab alongside Arma and Anti Set on Tuesday March 26th, he will be curating the book selection for the next Ambient Reading Room on Thursday March 28th and he will be part of an open DIY Sound Synthesis workshop here at the studio on Saturday March 30th.
In addition to this, WotWot will be using his portable sound-synthesis lab (which he has temporarily installed into the Greenfields Studio) to construct a new range audio patches and add the finishing touches to his brand new light-organ.

wotwot at work

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