DIY Sound Synthesis Workshop Und Jam Session – Samstag 30.03.13

On Saturday March 30th The Greenfields will be hosting a DIY sound synthesis open lab/workshop day and jam session. Visitors are invited to join current Greenfields artist resident WotWot and home made synthesizer specialist Nicolas Lafay (a.k.a one half of multimedia performance group Anti Set) from 2pm onwards to explore strange noise making circuits, creative module patching and to make some homebrew, handmade electronic music.
The workshop and session are aimed both at total beginners in the field of modular synthesis and at more experienced soundhackers/circuit benders. Anyone who has their own self-made noise circuits or electronic instruments is welcome to bring them and to join in the fun!

DIY Sound Synthesis Open Lab/Workshop
Samstag 30.03.13
14 bis 20Uhr
Ort: The Greenfields Studio
Eintritt: Frei/Spende
Cafe: Günstig

diy synthesis workshop

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