Die Greenfields Studio Abschiedsfeier – Samstag 04.05.13 – 16Uhr bis zum bitteren Ende

Die Greenfields Studio Abschiedsfeier
Samstag, 04.05.13
Zeitplan: 16Uhr gehts los mit Vorveranstaltungsmusik von fähigen Schallplattenunterhalteren
Ab 19:30 (pünktlich) live bands
Danach Tanzveranstaltung bis zum bitteren Ende
Ort: The Greenfields Studio
Eintritt: Frei/Spende

So dear friends, the time has finally come to say goodbye to our lovely studio on the Lütznerstrasse. Tomorrow we will celebrate the end of a small, but significant space, which in the last one and a half years has hosted live musicians, performers, teachers, creatives, designers, social aggregators and political agitators  from countries the world over.

Everyone who has passed through the studio over its short lifetime is invited to come and join in with us in marking this event.  Some old friends and new faces will provide entertainment and musical delicacies to carry us through the night, including:

Ou Topos
Spine-tingling contemporary folk melodies and soulful jazz-tinged rhythms from acoustic live trio.

Turkish born artist Gökçen Dilek Acay and Singer-Songwriter Jan Frisch‘s collaborative music/sound experiment.

Irk Yste
Acid influenced ambient drone house from former Greenfields residents with visuals from VJ Misses Bird.

Gordon Schwarz
Greenfields artist Gordon Schwarz is a one man live techno and electronica band!

Vasca & band
Guitarist and singer Soheil Emanuel Boroumand plays driving, melodic acoustic rock with accompanying band.

+++ Plus! Gute Mukke from: DJs YBA, ABS and Mela Merle

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