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Open Jam Session – Donnerstag 27.03.14 – 20Uhr

Our good friends from the  Nain Theater CoLaborativ will once again be hosting a Jam Session next week at the ex-Greenfields Studio.
As usual, all musicians and music lovers are welcome to join and participate in the live collective improvisation or just sit back and lose themselves in the strange brew of funk, soul, blues, dub, techno and rock that can usually be heard at the sessions.
Bring a musical instrument if you want to or use one of the ones provided on the night, but either way, come join us!

Greenfields offene Jam Session:
Donnerstag 27.03.14
Anfang: 20Uhr
Ende: 23Uhr
Ort: Der Nain Theater colaborativ – Lütznerstr. 36, Leipzig 04177
Eintritt: Frei

Instrumente vor Ort:
* Gitarren
* E-Bass
* Schlagzeug
– oder bringt noch etwas anderes mit!



~ Live Musik – Samstag 22.03.14 – 20Uhr @ ex-Greenfields Studio ~

Greenfields artists Been Asassenated and Soheil Boroumand will be playing live at the Nain Theater CoLaborativ project space (ehemalige Greenfields Studio) this Saturday to celebrate the release of their first ever EP!
Titled ‘Isolation’, the EP was recorded in Berlin in January this year and features exclusive cover art by photographer Jenny Fitz.
You can hear a preview of two of the songs from the 5 track EP over at Soheil’s Soundcloud page.
The gig starts at 8pm, with party music from the fabulous DJ ABS later in the evening.

Isolation EP Release Party
mit Live Acoustic Rock von Soheil Boroumand
+++ Party Mucke von DJ ABS
20Uhr bis später
Samstag 22.03.14
Ort: Lütznerstr. 36, Leipzig 04177
Eintritt: Frei


Jam Session Special – Mittwoch 29.01.14 – 20Uhr

Happy 2014!!

Though we have not sent any communications for a while, we have still been keeping busy!

In the past month we managed to participate in the Chaos Communication Congress, appear at an exhibition at Hamburg’s fantastic Gängeviertel, join the Save Rote Flora demo and rock a few parties along the way.

Meanwhile, back in Leipzig, you may have noticed that th ex-Greenfields Studio on the Lütznerstrasse has some new inhabitants. The Nain Theatercolaborativ are now living and working in our old studio space and have already started creating some interesting events.

Which brings us to our exciting news!
We will be running a Jam Session at the Nain space (the ex-Greenfields Studio) on Wednesday January 29th from 8pm onwards!
Anyone who has already attended a Greenfields jam session will know what to expect. All musicians and not musicians are invited to come and join in with the live improvisation – bring an instrument if you want to or use one of the ones provided on the night – and come meet the lovely peopel from the Nain Theatercolaborativ.

We hope to see you there,
The Greenfields Studio.

Greenfields offene Jam Session:
Mittwoch 29.01.14
Anfang: 20Uhr
Ende: 23Uhr
Ort: Der Nain Theatercolaborativ – Lütznerstr. 36, Leipzig 04177
Eintritt: Frei

Instrumente vor Ort:
* Gitarren
* E-Bass
* Schlagzeug
– oder bringt noch etwas anderes mit!

Greenfield_045 - web

Samstag 01.06.13 – 10 bis 17Uhr – Greenfields Fabulous Flohmarkt

On Saturday June 1st from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. we will be running a Flohmarkt at the Greenfields Studio to raise money for our move and to help clear out some space. In addition to the usual assortment of old books, furniture, homeware, CDs and random kitchen utensils that one would expect from a normal flea market, we will also be selling original works by Greenfields artists and offering tea and drinks from our cafe, all accompanied by a fine mix of chilled out sounds provided by our regular DJs.

Come grab a bargain…or some art…or tea…or all three 🙂

Greenfields Fabulous Flohmarkt
mit Kunstmarkt, Cafe und DJ Lounge
Samstag 01.06.13
Anfang: 10Uhr
Ende: 17Uhr
Ort: The Greenfields Studio
Eintritt: Frei


Fotos And Video From Shibuya Beach Bar Party At Ski Laden Leipzig

Back in April our good friends at East Leipzig’s Ski Laden project space played host to two stunning live performances by Greenfields artists Psycho & Plastic and Veronique Acoustique. For those of you who missed it, here are some photos and a few videos from the gemütliches extravaganza!

Thanks go to Patricia for providing us with the documentation.



Die Greenfields Studio Abschiedsfeier – Samstag 04.05.13 – 16Uhr bis zum bitteren Ende

Die Greenfields Studio Abschiedsfeier
Samstag, 04.05.13
Zeitplan: 16Uhr gehts los mit Vorveranstaltungsmusik von fähigen Schallplattenunterhalteren
Ab 19:30 (pünktlich) live bands
Danach Tanzveranstaltung bis zum bitteren Ende
Ort: The Greenfields Studio
Eintritt: Frei/Spende

So dear friends, the time has finally come to say goodbye to our lovely studio on the Lütznerstrasse. Tomorrow we will celebrate the end of a small, but significant space, which in the last one and a half years has hosted live musicians, performers, teachers, creatives, designers, social aggregators and political agitators  from countries the world over.

Everyone who has passed through the studio over its short lifetime is invited to come and join in with us in marking this event.  Some old friends and new faces will provide entertainment and musical delicacies to carry us through the night, including:

Ou Topos
Spine-tingling contemporary folk melodies and soulful jazz-tinged rhythms from acoustic live trio.

Turkish born artist Gökçen Dilek Acay and Singer-Songwriter Jan Frisch‘s collaborative music/sound experiment.

Irk Yste
Acid influenced ambient drone house from former Greenfields residents with visuals from VJ Misses Bird.

Gordon Schwarz
Greenfields artist Gordon Schwarz is a one man live techno and electronica band!

Vasca & band
Guitarist and singer Soheil Emanuel Boroumand plays driving, melodic acoustic rock with accompanying band.

+++ Plus! Gute Mukke from: DJs YBA, ABS and Mela Merle

end of days

Donnerstag 02.05.13 – Das Allerletzte Greenfields Jam Session im Studio – 20 bis 23Uhr

Tonight at 8pm, The Greenfields Studio will host its very last Jam Session at our Lütznerstrasse location. Come and join us for some free improvisation and musical inspiration!

Greenfields offene Jam Session:
Donnerstag 02.05.13
Anfang: 20Uhr
Ende: 23Uhr
Ort: The Greenfields Studio
Eintritt: Frei

Instrumente vor Ort:
* Synthies
* E-Bass
* E-Orgel
* Schlagzeug
* Trompete
– oder bringt noch etwas anderes mit!


Video And Audio From Greenfields Geräusche Performances Online

Nicolas Anti-Set has been kind enough to post some documentation of his and Arma’s recent performances at our Greenfields Geräusche event. Check it out!


Montag 29.04.13 – 17 bis 20Uhr – Performance Workshop With Visiting Artist Irene Accardo

The Greenfields is pleased to welcome Italian performance artist Irene Accardo to the studio this week. Irene will be using her time in The Greenfields to do research for her next major performance piece, Gesetzeskraft. As part of her stay, she is inviting participants to take part in a special workshop with her at the studio on Monday April 29th from 5 to 8pm, which she describes with the following (German) text:
Wie bezeichnet man seine Zugehörigkeit zu einer Gruppe?
Wie drückt man Dissens aus?
Demokratie ist kein leichter Weg. Er erfordert Geduld, Verantwortung, Mut und Demut. Teil einer Gruppe zu sein bedeutet sich in Frage zu stellen und etwas von sich selbst preiszugeben. Eigene Ideale, eigene Vorstellungen und Vorhaben verwandeln und verändern uns kontinuierlich innerhalb eines demokratischen Prozesses.
Was macht eine Gruppe mit einem Individuum und wie verwandelt es sich?
In diesem Workshop wird ein Raum geschaffen um sich mit den verschiedenen Möglichkeiten des kritischen Nachdenkens über repräsentative Demokratie durch Spiel, Improvisation und Bewegung auseinanderzusetzen. Konkret wird mit einfachen Gruppen-Improvisationen gearbeitet, welche ihren Fokus auf das Bewusstsein gleichzeitig für sich selbst und andere verantwortlich zu sein, richten.
Dieser Workshop vermittelt einfache Strategien für alle, die sich mit dem Thema „Demokratie“  beschäftigen und möchte dieses Konzept konkret erfahrbar machen für: Künstler, Theaterpädagogen, Sozialarbeiter, Aktivisten und engagierte BürgerInnen.

Eure Geschichten machen diesen Workshop lebendig: schenkt mir eure Erfahrung und Assoziationen zum Thema Demokratie.

Irene Accardo Performance Workshop
Montag 29.04.13
Anfang: 17Uhr
Ende: 20Uhr
Ort: The Greenfields Studio
Eintritt: Frei


Greenfields Geräusche Teil 3 – Photos and Audio Recordings Online

Our Greenfields Geräusche event at Sublab three weeks ago was a pleasant success, with an audience of hackers, culture jammers and musicians turning out to join an evening long voyage into electronic sound created live on stage by three international artists. For those who couldn’t make it to the live event, here are some photos and sound recordings from the performances for your attention and pleasure.