About Us

The Green Fields Studio is an international group of artists focused on community building, education, arts, music and media. The group previously had a space at Lütznerstrasse 36, Leipzig 04177, which closed down in 2013.


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Joe says:

    Hi there. Looks great. All the best 😉

  2. Michael Sassen says:

    Just had a look at your website. Your gallery looks fantastic and it’s great to see the photos of your opening event which looks like it was a lot of fun. Please do add me to your mailing list for future events/updates to the site and I wish you lots of good times with this new venture.

  3. source says:

    Hi, I just hopped over to your website using StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might typically browse, but I enjoyed your views none the less. Thank you for creating some thing worth reading through.

  4. Thanks, stumble back over any time!

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